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(Policy and Academic Review of Canada: Micro Solutions with Macro Scope)
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Research services

Quality research, quality analysis and quality content; by design. What else do you need?

Here are some suggestions:

- Do you need 100 reports distilled into something useful for your analysis? I can do that.
- Do you need a methodology to transform qualitative data into something SPSS can chew? I can help.
- Too many numbers to crunch, too many people to meet? Give me the lowdown and the question, and all you'll have to do is review the outputs and layer in some insight.

Working in my areas of highest competency so that you can too.


Distilling complex information in an ever-changing world: Economic development planning in Africa (EN-pdf)

Neurowar glossary (EN-pdf)

Knowing when to not make more of the facts than is reasonable: (EN-html)


Make it worth it!


Where else can you go?

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